Latest News::Seminar on awareness against social evils and Moral Values adoption among Students for Disciplined Life

Under the guidance of Worthy Chairman S. Inderjit Singh Khalsa, Seminar against the social evils and for making the students more disciplined after adopting basic moral values ; was conducted on Aug 13, 2019 for Faridians. Sometimes we don’t learn the fundamentals of Moral Education from our Parents or synagogues but we may learn few abilities of differentiating between good and bad from our society. While addressing Seminar, famous Social well-wisher and Press Club, Kotakpura President S. Gurinder Singh Mehandiratta shared his views on TV channels and social media that the students should focus on the achievements of great personalities rather than fake myths, predictions, ritual programs. He also guided the students that the best sources of success are constructive thinking, saying yes approach, discipline, value of time and respect to elders. Also, he shared old experiences and holy ethics of "Gurbani" that whenever we encounter mistakes knowingly or unknowingly either due to our carelessness, cleverness, smartness; it may create the short-term benefits for someone else but in the long run, only we bear the losses (as per Law of Nature). Worthy Chairman S. Inderjit Singh Khalsa appreciated the wonderful tips given by S. Gurinder Singh Mehandiratta to students for cultivating the success in their life. In closing, Respected Principal Mrs Kuldeep Kaur also payed a vote of thanks to S. Gurinder Singh and assured to the students for future seminars on similar topics. During this event, famous poets Devinder Saifi, Harpreet Singh Channa, whole staff members and students were present.