Chairman Message

Chairman S. Inderjit Singh Khalsa 

Senior Advocate 


Founder Chairman Baba Farid Law College & Baba Farid Public School President Gurudwara Godri Sahib Baba Farid Society (Regd.) & Tila Baba Farid Religious and Charitable Society (Regd.) FARIDKOT (Pb.)

Our DISCERNING CHAIRMAN, A VISIONARY & A CRUSADER Lifetime Chairman S. Inderjit Singh Khalsa, an eminent `lawyer, an Advocate of truth, meliorism & mansuetude, about whom a journalist wrote in The Tribune dated 4th August 1989 :- “Today, the admirable Inderjit Singh Sekhon speaks from the platform of composite culture and even after shedding the cloak of an outstanding criminal lawyer, does not cease to fight for justice. The strength and integrity of his character are incredibly well blended with his sensitivity and vulnerability………………..…the loyalty of Inderjit Sekhon towards mankind remains unflinching. 

“Life may have denied me its best treasures but I owe it to life to give it my best. "That is Inderjit Sekhon for us all." He is a well known figure of this region. Baba Farid Public School owes its towering existence to his vision, farsightedness and unflinching faith in Baba Farid and His philosophy. This school is soaring high on the ladder of progress under his Godfatherly guidance :

a) To shower on one and all the Teachings of Baba Farid.
b) To blend ultra modern methodology in the curriculum with a professional and competitive touch.
c) To give individual attention to hyperactive and culturally deprived children.
d) To make each learner a truthful, honest and secular citizen of India.